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RTR2 is a full-service remodeling company serving residential homes and commercial businesses in Georgia.
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Bathroom Renovation

Make us part of your bathroom renovation. You will love what our technicians have to offer. With a bathroom renovation, you can upgrade what may appear to be a tight space into a place to relax and enjoy.

A poorly built or out-dated bathroom could be a deal breaker to new home buyers, that's why Renovating your master suite bath, or adding a new bathroom to your home is a wise investment.

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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen remodeling is a big project. It all starts with your ideas and creating a kitchen design and plan for you. If you have ideas and you’re ready to start, contact us today for an in-home consultation.

We’ll then put the remodeling process into motion with the selection of the materials and the scheduling of professionals to build the kitchen of your dreams.

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